Bad Joke Monday turns harrowing

Harrowing for whom, you ask (and kudos to you for knowing your who from your whom)? That remains to be seen. First, let’s get things underway with our next installment of…

drawing of laughing faces

To review: Jokes left in the comments of last week’s post get the spotlight this week. Complete with an illustration, should I feel like it.

Our first guest in the spotlight is Andrew Reynolds of Andrew’s View of the Week, who accomplished the unthinkable. He stumped me!

Seriously, do you understand his joke?

This morning my bedside light turned into a butterfly.
That’s the last time I buy a cheap lava lamp.

I actually had to ask Andrew to explain it to me. Talk about harrowing! (Or is that humbling? I always get those two confused.)

His answer: lava, larva.

(I know, I know. I thought the same thing!)

drawing of man in bed seeing butterflies

I worry about you people. I really do.

Next up, please give a warm welcome to our guest hailing from Canada, WD of WD Fyfe!

If you remember, last week I took a pass at illustrating WD’s joke. Meaning this week, I felt a bit of pressure to follow through.

And yet, he gave us this,

What’s the difference between ignorance and apathy? Don’t know, don’t care. 

Now how do you suppose one illustrates that?!

No, seriously. How do you illustrate that?

drawing of woman at desk

Side note: you may have noticed how bushy my hair has gotten? (This is what happens when one goes six months without a haircut.) I asked Husband, “Back when I had long hair, was it this bushy?” and he said, “Yes.”


Waiting in the wings is another visitor from up north, step into the light Margy from Amusives!

Margy’s harrowing joke involved a man-eating monster!

What time was it when the monster
ate the Canadian Prime Minister?
Eight P.M.

Though considering his diet, maybe he’s not all that scary.

drawing of monster

Nice one, Margy!

Our next guest is Eilene Lyon from Myricopia, who is a biologist. And given her joke, we now have reason to believe she dabbles in genetic experiments.

A harrowing thought, to be sure.

What do you get when you cross an angry sheep
with an emotional cow?
An animal that’s in a baaaaaaad moooooood!

drawing of part cow part sheep

Sometime we should ask her how she came by this information. For now, let’s move on to our next joke.

I wouldn’t say Moonstone Mary‘s joke is harrowing, exactly, though much depends on how you’d feel sitting in a crowded movie theater next to a couple cats, watching a musical about love, nuns, and Nazis.

What’s the favorite movie of cats?
The Sound of Mew-sic.

drawing of cats in movie theater

Finally, we reach our last guest of the evening, Lynette d-Arty-Cross from In the Net! and our third Canadian of the evening. (Bad Jokes must be popular up there.)

Lynette’s joke is, by far, the most harrowing of the bunch. (Proceed with caution.)

What’s it called when it’s raining ducks and geese?
Fowl weather.

drawing of a weatherman

Tell the truth, you didn’t think it harrowing until you saw it illustrated, did you?

Don’t worry, right now the sky is clear and the jokes are done. Be sure to leave one in the comments and check back next week to see if it gets illustrated!

Feature photo by Ashley Jurius on Unsplash

18 thoughts on “Bad Joke Monday turns harrowing

  1. Wow, you’ve outdone yourself with the illustrations. I didn’t make the lava larva connection either – guess I don’t stretch as well as I used to.

    Anyway, I saw something strange watching a pianist online the other day. He was banging his head against the keys on the piano. And then it occurred to me he was playing by ear.

  2. I like your monster! Speaking of bad tasting:
    A vulture boarded an airplane, carrying two dead raccoons. The stewardess looked at him and said, “I’m sorry, sir, only one carrion allowed per passenger.”

    1. I wasn’t intending on it, but no matter what I did he kept turning out like a brother to the one in Rudolph! I guess it’s good you saw the similarity too. 🙂

  3. All hail the illustrator who has transformed BJM into a veritable New Yorker of brown bag humour. Lava? Larva? Cover me with mustard and call me a hotdog!!! I say again, we should be collected and bound. Of course, Canadians like bad jokes — remember, we call our national currency “the loony.” But enough about me. How does a dyslexic, agnostic, insomniac spent her time? Staying awake all night wondering if there really is a dog. cheers

    1. That joke made me laugh out loud, so thanks for that. Also for the tip on the loony, didn’t know that. Though if you put much thought into it, money does seem a bit crazy so I guess it fits. 😉

  4. For some reason, the image of the SheepCow has left me a bit unsettled. At first, it was just cute and clever, with that lovely splash of color. But the more I studied it, the more I realized it was studying ME. Seriously, go anywhere in the room and the eyes will follow you. I wonder if this is a sign of repressed guilt in some form. Hmm…

    1. That’s easy to explain, Brian. The guilt you are feeling is on behalf of all humanity due to our crimes against the animal kingdom (genetic experiments, shampoo testing, mascara on bunnies, etc.). Awfully good of you to take it all upon yourself. Most appreciated! Have a great day!

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