Bad Joke Monday: The Penultimate Episode

Penultimate is a good word, don’t you think? It sounds so much brainier than “next to last.”

Anyway, here we are, closing in on our final,

drawing of laughing faces

But as long as our lights are still on, we’ve got some jokes to tell. Last week we had several to choose from in the comments, so we have quite the episode for you today.

Including a very special celebrity appearance! (*gasp*)

To start us off, Andrew Reynold’s from Andrew’s View of the Week was showing his anxiety for 2020 to be over, as he jumped right into New Year’s,

What’s the problem with jogging on New Years Eve?
The ice falls out of your drink.

comic new year's celebration

Good advice, eh?

Though let’s not get too ahead of ourselves because we haven’t had Christmas yet!

Gifting us with another ready-made illustration, Lynette D’arty-Cross from In the Net! gave us this one:

comic dog and christmas tree

Pretty funny, yeah? (Thanks, Lynette!)

Moving on, Margy from Amusives treated us to a rash of reindeer-related raillery:

What do the reindeer use to wipe down the sleigh? Santa-tizer.

Can you name all of Santa’s Reindeer? No, they already have names.

What is a reindeer’s go-to cleaning product? Comet.

I followed her lead and came up with this:

comic rudolph at barI don’t think he ever recovered from missing out on those reindeer games, poor guy.

Also feeling generous with the jests, Dave Ply from Plying Through Life gave us several:

Did you hear about the kid who was scared of Santa?
He was Claus-trophobic.

What should you sing at a snowman’s birthday party?
Freeze a jolly good fellow.

What kind of Christmas music do the younger elves like?
“Wrap” music

What did one snowman say to the other snowman?
“Can you smell carrots?”

That last joke was illustrated a couple BJMs ago, so we opted to illustrate the snowman birthday party instead (on account of how I like drawing snowmen):

snowman birthday partyOur next two jokes bring in the elves, their first BJM appearance!

WD from WD Fyfe gave us this one:

It’s a little known fact that Santa actually pays the elves.
But, financial institutions are a little skimpy at the North Pole so the elves keep their money in … a snowbank. 

comic elves snow bankTry as I might, I couldn’t come up with a caption for this one. Do you have an idea for it? (Leave it in the comments!)

Last joke, Moonstone Mary gave us a great one:

Who is Santa’s favorite singer?
Elf-is Presley, of course.

Normally I don’t ever attempt drawing someone recognizable, but this time I gave it a shot…

comic elfis presley(In case you missed it, this was our celebrity appearance.)

And with that, Bad Joke Monday’s Penultimate Episode comes to a close. Tune in next week for our grand finale!

But wait, it won’t be grand if you don’t leave a joke in the comments! Be sure to leave one below and check back next week to see if it gets illustrated.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Elfis has left the building…

Featured Photo by Call Me Fred on Unsplash

25 thoughts on “Bad Joke Monday: The Penultimate Episode

  1. So in researching the best present for a musician, I came up with this.

    A broken drum – you can’t beat it.

    PS Love the drawing of Elfish Presley and of course when one reads “Thank you, thank you very much” it brings out the Elfish impersonator.

    1. It took most of my Saturday morning to draw Elfis, so I’m awfully glad you like him!

      By the way, I added a video you might enjoy (above). I’m now spending most of today watching Elvis videos (better this than working!).

  2. The sweat drops on the jogger!

    The pathos of Rudolph’s antlers and the sad bubbles in the glass!

    The jaunty top hats on the snowmen!

    The shoes on Elfis! The spangles!

    You always get me with the details. Always.

    1. See now, it’s people like you who make this all worthwhile. I wasn’t sure if anyone would even see the sad bubbles in the glass, much less appreciate them. And the spangles? I drew them for you, dear Brian. Every last one of them. 😉

      1. I just left a comment on a site that was bewailing the rampant excess o Political Correctness. Most Christians, especially Catholics, don’t want to make fun of their own. Most un-Christians are learning not to poke the PC bear…. Then there’s me. I have lots of nun jokes. Many are puns, which suffer from print presentation. Here’s one that doesn’t. A carful of Irish nuns are sitting at a traffic light in downtown Dublin, when a bunch of rowdy drunks pull up alongside of them. “Hey, show us yer teets, ya bloody penguins!” shouts one of the drunks.

        Quite shocked, Mother Superior turns to Sister Mary Immaculata and says, “I don’t think they know who we are; show them your cross.”

        Sister Mary Immaculata rolls down her window and shouts, “Piss off, ya fookin’ little wankers, before I come over there and rip yer balls off!”

        Sister Mary Immaculata then rolls up her window, looks back at Mother Superior, quite innocently, and asks, “Did that sound cross enough?”
        I have more if you’d like. 😳

        1. This one will be remembered and repeated. Thanks for making me smile on a dreary holiday that is wrought with Covid concerns.

  3. Great illustrations as usual (Elfish Elvis is my fave.) I tried to think of the ultimate bad joke for the Ultimate BJM but I fell woefully short so instead … What should we all shout at midnight December 31st? “JUMANJI!” and gets us the hell out of this game. Merry Christmas and happy New Year to all. cheers

    1. Oh snap, I only just saw this! I’m sorry, it truly is a great joke.
      Given how long it takes me to draw pictures/scan/format/write, I’m not sure if I could have done it justice. Even so, well done friend. You gave me a hearty chuckle and I appreciate it. 😀

      1. I admit I shared this joke on my FB page – and on NextDoor. So far, it’s given almost 100 people a good belly laugh. We all need that right now.

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