A short visit to Bethle-ha-ha-ham

Sorry for the long delay since posting. Work has been… unusually weird and not in a fun way. Once I process all the crazy bits, I may tell you about it.

In the meantime, I want to share a video with you. It first posted six years ago (once again, I’m late to the party), but it’s worth repeat viewing if you’ve seen it before.

With most Christmas pageants, the adults write the story and children act it out. This church did the opposite and the result is both hilarious and utterly charming.

It’s a mere three minutes and is sure to make you smile.

Merry Christmas or whatever-you-care-to-celebrate!

16 thoughts on “A short visit to Bethle-ha-ha-ham

  1. A perfectly accurate telling of the story and I’m sure that true wisemen would have shown up with diapers and wipes – even though the gospels failed to report those gifts and only talked about the flashy things like gold.

  2. Merry Christmas, Christi! We loved the video, thanks for sharing. I participated in way too many Christmas plays as a kid. This is much better.

    Hope everything settles down at work and you have a wonderful 2022!

    1. You were stuck in Christmas plays too, eh? I wonder if any adult has fond memories of being in one? (Not me!)
      Hope your 2022 is marvelous as well — I think we’re overdue for a good year!

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