The Existential Crisis Series

One day, I had the crazy notion of interviewing myself. Much like how an artist might do a stressed-outself portrait, only not nearly as refined.
So it was that on a dreary afternoon, my Writer Self met up with my Reporter Self (resurrected from my misguided stint as a Journalism major), and was soon joined by my Editor Self (always quick to jump in whenever creativity is afoot).
Before I knew it, the three were clamoring for more blog time. Below is the result: a mishmash of psychology, philosophy and growing insanity.
(Don’t say I didn’t I warn you.)

Episode I — In which our alter egos are introduced, resulting in a brawl. Includes a recipe for one damn fine sandwich.

Episode II — A little amateur psychotherapy is attempted; frozen margaritas are shared.

Episode III — In which our alter egos discuss philosophy, psychology, and our need for chocolate cake.

Episode IV — Revenge is the theme of the day, as well as chocolate cream pie.

Episode V — Our alter egos tackle Kierkegaard with a modicum of success. Also, peach cobbler makes life more meaningful.