Food, Glorious Food, and the Time I Couldn’t Eat, Part 2

In case you missed Part 1 of this story, start here.

All right, where did I leave off? Oh, yes — I’m on the kitchen floor, having an emotional breakdown over not being able to eat eggs, which I didn’t like anyway.

You know, I’ve always viewed myself as a fairly intelligent person, with refined tastes and more than an average amount of self-control.

hash brownsBut then one day I’m half starved — no, make that fully starved — and there are some leftover hash browns sitting on the kitchen counter. Daughter bought them at Dunkin’ Donuts.

You know the ones, right? The greasy little rounds in a small brown bag, that maybe if you bought them first thing in the morning are fine, but this was midday.

I picked one up, held it to my nose and inhaled deeply. Aaaahhhh … oh, if only … well, maybe a little bite? Just a nibble? — it couldn’t hurt, right? Just a little? Continue reading “Food, Glorious Food, and the Time I Couldn’t Eat, Part 2”

Faced With Such Temptation, What Would You Do?

I have a dilemma. Maybe you can help me.

About two years ago, I started getting another woman’s emails. Not all of them, of course. Just a few, and only from time to time.

emailYou see, she has my same name, identical spelling, and she clearly was intent on having her full name as her email address, regardless if someone else had it already. She just decided adding her middle initial would take care of it.

Only she’s not that good at remembering she added her middle initial. Either that, or an “l” in between an “i” and “h” is not that easy to detect. Continue reading “Faced With Such Temptation, What Would You Do?”

Food, Glorious Food, and the Time I Couldn’t Eat

sound.jpgDo any of you listen to podcasts? I didn’t until recently and wow, I had no idea what I was missing.

My current obsession is Radiolab, from WNYC. If you enjoy learning, just for the sheer joy of learning, check them out.

foodRecently I listened to their episode on the gut. They interviewed Jon Reiner, a James Beard award-winning food writer who wrote The Man Who Couldn’t Eat. In the interview, he recounted the time he was being fed intravenously.

As I was listening, as he described the time he plunged his hands into a chocolate cake because if he couldn’t eat it, he was darn well going to find a way to experience it, I thought, “Holy crap! THIS IS ME!” Continue reading “Food, Glorious Food, and the Time I Couldn’t Eat”

Resolving to Be a Better Blogger; Well, Better-ish

If I were to create a new religion, I would make New Year’s Day its holiest day of the year.

Don’t worry, I’m not starting a new religion.

Only think of it — this is the time of year we feel both the desire and the ability to start over. To give up bad habits, start good habits — to basically become the person we’ve always wanted to be.

Now, I admit, I’ve never had any serious addictions to overcome, but I deeply admire those who have.  The closest I’ve come to it was giving up Blistex. (Hey, you don’t think that was hard? Chapped lips are hell, man!)

The point is, we long to be better people, and that constant striving is something almost holy. Don’t you think?

Of course, there are all sorts of goals we can make to improve lives. Career goals, health goals … a more organized closet. That’s a good goal.

emailI’ve noticed quite a few bloggers are using this time to make goals for their blogs. After giving it some thought, pondering new things I could do with my blog, writing goals to make, challenges to aim for … I came up with squat.

I don’t think I’m ready to make any big changes or set new goals for the blog just yet. However, I did come up with a few things I can do to support other bloggers: Continue reading “Resolving to Be a Better Blogger; Well, Better-ish”

A Year (Minus 3 Months) in Review

lazyI told you I was taking a week off, right? But I promised I’d throw an old post at you just so you wouldn’t forget about me. Well, it turns out the good people at WordPress have a word for bloggers who merely reblog old posts, and that word is: Lame.

Actually, I may have misquoted them. Even so, they have a point. So what I’m going to do is review the past year and select three posts to share with you. Only since I haven’t had this gig for a full year yet, we’re doing a nine-month review instead. (Man, this post just overflows with originality, doesn’t it?)

WP_20150920_10_14_03_Pro[2]First up, may I just say it has been great fun doing this, and what has amazed me the most was the community aspect of blogging. I think many people think of blogging as an egotistical pursuit, but if anything, by reading other blogs and having people comment on my own, it has made me more aware of other people’s opinions, cultures and backgrounds. And when I see people from Russia, India, Malaysia, Austria, etc., visiting my blog, I feel both honored and humbled. (Do you suppose it’s the same for people with ham radios?)

This first post I’m highlighting is one I rather liked, but it had the fewest views. It was my fifth post and was the first one I didn’t link on Facebook, mainly because I was afraid I was starting to spam my friends. But it was my first “like” by another blogger — Claremary from Around ZuZu’s Barn.  Not only does she have a cool name, Claremary is a writer who lives in New England with her husband and two cats. In other words people, she’s living the dream!

I Never Claimed to Be Erma Bombeck

My second year of college I took an evening class in writing. WP_20150512_19_46_13_Pro[1]From what I remember there were only about a dozen of us in the class, including the teacher. It was called “Writing for Publication,” or something hopeful like that. We were young. We didn’t know any better. …  read more

Next up, this one was my most popular post for two reasons: 1) I linked it on Facebook and tagged three people in my comment, which was a shameless beg for attention, I know, but I was getting desperate, and 2) the charming Margo at That Little Voice reblogged it. Thanks Margo!

What Your Choice of Beverage Says About You

I’m not a bartender, so I can’t claim to have expert knowledgei-love-my-coke-1556134-640x480 on beverages and the personalities of those who drink them, but I am a person who has opinions and a blog. A dangerous combination, to be sure.

If you order a beer … read more

Finally, I want to highlight this next post because it’s the only one I wrote that was purely fictional. Also, given the malicious tone to many of our political discussions lately, maybe we all need to become just a little more understanding of other viewpoints. (And frankly, I’m still surprised this wasn’t picked up for a movie option.)

A Little to the Left — A Crazy Tale of Political Leanings

Each day began with the same routine: upon rising from bed, heWP_20150428_16_07_05_Pro[1] stretched, touched his toes five times, did a quick jog in place, and finished with a growled affirmation that this day, as were all days prior, would be his day. … read more

So there’s my highlight of the last nine months. Thanks for stopping by and reading a bit, and I hope 2016 is your best year yet. So until next Wednesday, have fun!

Merry Almost Whatever You Happen to Celebrate

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably pretty busy right now. Maybe you still have baking you want to do, shopping you need to take care of, oh-dear-God-you-forgot-a-gift-for-Uncle-Henry, or maybe you have guests coming over for dinner.

(Did you clean your baseboards? They’ll look you know. Better get on that.)

christmas table

This time of year always makes me a little nostalgic, so I’ve been thinking about past Christmases — actually Christmas Eves, because that was always the bigger holiday for my family. That was when the entire family would gather together. There’d be a big meal, the gifts would be opened, then we’d go to the candlelight service at church.

But now that I’m an adult, things are quite different. Continue reading “Merry Almost Whatever You Happen to Celebrate”

A Safe Place for Misfits

I can’t remember if I’ve ever told you where I work? It’s at a large public high school — I’m one of the secretaries. Near my desk, immediately to the side of it, is a little sitting area with a sofa, chair and coffee table.

sofaThe woman who had this position before me policed the sitting area with great rigor. Students were never allowed to sit there.

If they did, she’d make snarky comments to them in a sugary sweet voice, along the lines of, “Oh, are you here to see the Principal? Shall I tell him you’re waiting?” And then she’d snicker as they scampered off.

It may not surprise you to learn I’m a wee bit more lenient. But please be aware, my leniency arises not so much from kindness, as apathy. I simply don’t care who sits there. My only rule is that they are quiet.

Lately I’ve come to the realization that in the three years I’ve been here, the sitting area has taken on a certain ambiance — a kind of geeky milieu, if you will.

I told the other secretaries we should start calling it “The Island of Misfit Boys.” Continue reading “A Safe Place for Misfits”

Party Planning for Friendly Anti-Socialites

We had our annual holiday get-together at our house this last weekend, where something like 25 to 100 people stopped by our little abode to partake in food, drink, and stimulating conversation.

partyTwenty-five is the more likely number of attendees, but it’s all a matter of perspective, right? A very social, extroverted person may have looked at our gathering and thought, “My, what a charming little party this is.” While a more private, introverted person might have thought, “GAHHH!!!”

Regular readers of this blog know that I lean more toward the latter than the former, so perhaps you’re wondering why I have these parties to begin with? Truth be told, in the days leading up to the events, I wonder it myself. But the fact is, I enjoy them.

I especially enjoy them when they’re over.

Also, I think we introverts have an obligation to society to show how parties should be done. Because from the parties I’ve thrown and the parties I’ve attended, I’ve come to one inescapable conclusion: Introverts throw better parties.

That is because, as with all things, we overthink them.

Continue reading “Party Planning for Friendly Anti-Socialites”

The Wheels of the Bus, Bus, Bus…

Earlier this week I had to take the bus home.

Normally I’d say that in a whiny, complaining tone, but I didn’t this time. Did you notice?

I didn’t complain for two reasons:

  1. I don’t want to be like one of the people mentioned in this article. I acknowledge my life is a relatively privileged one. I have a car to drive most days, and money to ride the bus the few days I don’t. So I’m not complaining, okay?
  2. I met a man who was über excited to take part in the entire public transportation experience.

I was standing at the bus stop, gloomily waiting, hoping for an empty seat — oh, who am I kidding? I was hoping for an empty bus. Not complaining, mind you. Just hoping.

Then this man walked up, interfering with my gloomy thoughts. Continue reading “The Wheels of the Bus, Bus, Bus…”