A Recipe Blogger’s Nightmare

WP_20160227_07_43_09_Pro[1]My plan was simple. I was going to write a humorous little post of my addiction to cookbooks. Something in the form of an online intervention.

I took a picture of my cookbook shelf. It could be worse. It used to be much worse, but this is what remains following The Great Cookbook Purging of 2013.

WP_20160227_13_02_37_Pro[1]I spread all the cookbooks on my table, sorted through them, pulled the ones I either used regularly or couldn’t bear to part with (how could I ever leave thee, Betty Crocker’s Boys and Girls Cookbook), and these select few were put back on the shelf.

WP_20160301_09_01_40_Pro[1]That part done, what do I do with the remaining? Most of them were kept for only one or two recipes at best, others I couldn’t remember using but always thought I might.

Finally it hit me, “Hey! I have a blog!”

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