Week 5 Reflection: Gratitude

RevofKindnessWhoa – is it week 5 of the Kindness Challenge already? My, my. How time flies.

Here’s the link to Niki’s site, that explains our goal for the week.

In general, I was to reflect on the things I’m grateful for in my life.

Have you heard about confirmation bias? (This might seem a little off-subject, bear with me.)

Basically, confirmation bias is our tendency to look for things – or only see things – that confirm what we’ve already decided to be true.

So let’s say you think the world is an awful place and people are idiots. You can find proof of that wherever you go — because you’re looking for it. (Honestly, you can be a real downer, you know that?)

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Week 4 Reflection: Being Kind

RevofKindnessHey all, we’re over halfway through the 7-week Kindness Challenge! You can read about it at Niki’s site by clicking here.

Funny thing about being kind. I learned it can be hard to do an act of kindness without experiencing some sort of personal benefit from it. In fact, it seemed like no matter what I did, I came out on top.

Not that I was keeping score…

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Week 3 Reflection – Kind Energy

RevofKindnessHello all! This is me, reporting in after Week 3 in the Kindness Challenge, which I stumbled upon at Niki’s site, which you can find here.

This week, I was to focus my energy on being kind. It’s more than just being kind, it’s radiating kindness.

Does this puzzle you as much as it did me?

It’s a bit of an abstract concept, so maybe we can find a more concrete way to think about it.

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Week 2 Reflection — Looking for Kindness

This is my second week in Niki’s Kindness Challenge, which you can read about HERE.

This week I was to be mindful of acts of kindness around me, which made for a fun week, let me tell you. First, let me give you the highlights, as I interpreted them:

PopcornMonday: A co-worker left a package of microwave popcorn in my mailbox, with a note that said, “Thanks for popping in!” Her office is a little secluded and I stop in to say hi from time to time. I didn’t realize it mattered to her, so the popcorn was a sweet gesture and, therefore, kind. Continue reading “Week 2 Reflection — Looking for Kindness”

Week 1 Reflection – Being Kind to Myself

Last Saturday I told you I was going to take on the Kindness Challenge – 7 weeks working RevofKindnesstoward being more kind. Which I discovered at Niki’s site, which you should visit.

My first week’s assignment was to practice being more kind to myself. When I told my family, they laughed.

“When are you not kind to yourself?”

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