Thoughts from a Noble Woman: On Clothing and Fashion Mishaps

We have an interesting development in our mysterious M.A.’s diary (first discussed here): it looks like she gave considerable thought into how she presented herself, clothing-wise.

How many philosophers can you name spent time thinking of such things?

Yeah, same here.

And yet, it can be argued, it is hardly a trivial pursuit. How you dress makes a difference in how people see you, and perhaps in how you perform.

But as M.A. points out, there is a dark side to taking such matters seriously, that being, feeling yourself superior as a result.

And personally? I love how she struggles with it!

Just see for yourself:

MA 2

Do not think that because you choose your attire with care that you are somehow better than she who does not.
Such as the woman you saw at the store this morning.
What was she thinking? For goodness sake, what would her mother say?
What would my mother say?
No! Stop it!
All women are your sisters – remember this. No matter how they are dressed, they are your equals.
Do not judge them because their slip is showing; you’ve been there too.
Never laugh at their fashion choices; you’ve taken questionable paths as well.
However scandalous the hemlines – oh dear, they are scandalous…
No! Don’t think it! Instead, repeat to yourself:

Clothing is not Morality
Clothing is not Intelligence
Clothing is not Kindness

And if in finding a woman who thinks as you do, who shares your fashion sense, if together you show contempt for a younger woman’s clothing, what does that accomplish except cause division among your sex? Will it cause the younger woman to change her attire? Of course not! She will see you and your friend as obnoxious prudes. For that is what you are.
So stop it!
Nay, keep your thoughts to yourself. Instead, let your own mode of dress speak for you and be kind.
In all things, be kind.

From M.A.’s Recipe Drawer

All Dressed Up with No Place to Go Egg Salad

  • Servings: 6
  • Difficulty: easy breezy
  • Print

An egg salad elegant enough for company, whether elegantly attired or not.

Egg salad with smoked salmon


  • 6 hard boiled eggs, chopped
  • 4 ounces smoked salmon, finely chopped
  • 1 Tablespoon lemon juice
  • 1/2 Tablespoon finely snipped, fresh dill
  • 1 Tablespoon finely chopped chives
  • Freshly ground pepper to taste
  • Mayonnaise


Mix first ingredients together in a medium sized bowl, add enough mayonnaise to bind together.

Use as a sandwich filling or to serve with crackers.
Another option: Make deviled eggs! Slice hardboiled eggs in half and remove yolks, chop and mix with other ingredients. Spoon a generous mound of salmon-yolk filling into each egg half. Place a bit of dill or chives on each for serving.

Community News With Pancakes

magazineThis last Sunday at church, a woman handed me a magazine to give Husband, who is currently out-of-town.

It was one of those freebie publications you might see at a doctor’s office or hair salon, with a ridiculous number of ads and one or two articles on local interests.

The reason she was giving it to Husband is that he sings in the same group as the couple on the cover, so she figured he knew them. (He very well may, but beings how he’s out-of-town, I can’t say for sure.)

What I can say is that somewhere in the 85086 zip code, there is a woman who may or may not be in dire need of medical attention. Also, whoever Mama G is, her pancakes look damn fine.
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A Dream on Divorce & Overcooked Chicken

Man holding bouquet of flowersYesterday was the anniversary of when Husband proposed to me.

You’ll note that had he waited a week, he could have proposed to me on Valentine’s Day. The fact that he did not worked to his advantage.

I like to think he knew that had he waited until Valentine’s Day to propose, I would have rolled my eyes and said, “Really? So this is how it’s going to be?”

Anyway, I bring this up now because about a week ago, I had the oddest dream where Husband said he wanted a divorce because I overcooked the chicken. Continue reading “A Dream on Divorce & Overcooked Chicken”

A Tale of Two Wineries

It was the best of vacations, it was the longest of vacations…

It was the age of wine-tasting, it was the age of not knowing what the heck you were tasting…

Red wine in glassI always wanted to visit Napa Valley, but when you’re the only wine drinker in the house, it can be a hard sell. The kids were always too young, and Husband’s drink of choice is Coke.

(Although if he feels he’s had too much, he might have a beer instead.)

I needed the perfect moment to suggest a trip to Napa. A time when everything came together – when there was something of interest for everyone – a masterful stroke when no opposition was possible. Continue reading “A Tale of Two Wineries”

Shots of Portland

Including a recipe for chocolate shots — ooooh! 🙂

As I mentioned in a previous post, we took a trip in Portland. Several people have asked me about it, so I decided to share some thoughts. And pictures!

Old time motel sign
Please note, this place has free TV!

First up, I have to show you where we stayed.

We had a goal this trip – avoid chains whenever possible, both restaurants and hotels. Some of the hotels we stayed in had a lot of… shall we say… character? But the rooms were clean and the owners were happy, in some cases positively elated, to see us. Continue reading “Shots of Portland”

Hey, At Least I Don’t Collect Navel Lint

Table full of cookbooksRemember my vow to pare down this cookbook collection of mine? The one I thought was out of control?

I learned something recently. Actually, I learned three things:

  1. I lack the necessary focus to stay on any cleaning project for longer than 1 week. Oh heck, even a day is pushing it.
  2. I lack the necessary focus to be a real collector.
  3. Real collectors are weird. Like, really, really weird.

Do a little Google search on weird collections and you’ll find some pretty kooky stuff. Like this: Continue reading “Hey, At Least I Don’t Collect Navel Lint”

A Cookbook from the 70s! Plus, Crazy Good Biscuits

Do any of you remember me saying something about cleaning out my cookbook collection?
Really? You do?

Huh. I kinda forgot about it. The only reason I’m remembering it now is that I recently swept my kitchen floor… and now you know the usual condition of my kitchen floor.

There in the corner of the room sat two grocery bags from Trader Joe’s, filled with old Cookbookcookbooks. Let’s pull one out, shall we?

Oh look! It’s Betty Crocker’s Bisquick Cookbook.

What the hell?

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Happy Anniversary FoF! Also, Another Cookbook Review

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 9.23.56 AMAt first I thought it was a WordPress prank. Upon further reflection, I realized it was true: one year ago on April 1st, I started this blog.

Seems fitting that a blog named Feeding on Folly began on April Fools Day, don’t you think? Anyway, here’s my first post, if you’re curious.

As for me, I’m reviewing yet another cookbook in my collection: should it stay or should it go?

Let’s take a look, shall we?

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On Family Roles, Sisters, & Mac & Cheese

Digging through the cookbook collection again – Lordy people, will this ever end? – and I family cookbookcame upon this one.

Big oops! This should not have been in the “possibly discard” pile. If either of my sisters hear of this, they’ll be at my doorstep with pitchforks, toot sweet. So keep it under your hats, okay?

This is our family cookbook — as in, our actual family cookbook. It was the brain-child of Oldest Sister, who managed to undertake the entire project without our parents knowing about it.

I think it was a year in the making. She sought recipes from family members I didn’t even know we had, as well as old photos and remembrances. Then she assembled it, paid for the binding, and presented it to Mother and Father at their 50th wedding anniversary, in 2000. As well as copies for every family member.

She titled it “Oh Fer Dumb” the phrase our parents used whenever they heard something ridiculous, silly, or just plain stupid.

So I’m sure you can imagine why tossing this puppy out would have incurred the wrath of both sisters, and possibly my brothers too. I was going to quietly return it to the shelf, never admit my near transgression, when I happened to leaf through the book.

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