My Idea Journal: the Foolish and Forgotten

Do you keep an idea journal?

JournalsI have two. One is a pretty little journal someone gave me several years ago. Unfortunately, I misplace it constantly. So I’ve taken to using the notes section in my daily planner.

(Yes, I use an old-fashioned printed planner. Don’t judge.)

My problem with idea journals is that I rarely remember what I had in mind when I first wrote the ideas down. Which is what happened when I reviewed my entries recently, hoping for inspiration.

Instead, I’m offering my ideas to you. Maybe you can work them into something.

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Weekend Reads: Tesla Motors & Uninterrupted Creativity

It’s not often a car gets my attention, but when they do I can’t seem to get them out of my head.

teslaEver since I saw a Tesla on the highway (My, but they are elegant cars), I’ve read a lot about them. I seriously doubt I’ll never own one, of course. Besides the cost, I’m perfectly content driving an inconspicuous Corolla.

But I don’t read about Corollas. Instead, I read articles like this one, How I Used and Abused My Tesla, by Steve Sasman. Even after 100,000 miles, a cross-country road trip and 500 Uber rides (!), it still looks dang elegant.

Or check out this guy in Norway, who parked his Tesla and left the doors open, then filmed it to see what would happen. Within minutes it became a demo car. (Well, honestly, what did he expect? I would have sat in the driver’s seat too.)

And I expect you heard that a few years back, Elon Musk (Seriously, how cool is his name?) released all patents for Tesla technology? You can read his blog post about it HERE. It’s all about sharing knowledge for the sake of progress, which is darn cool, don’t you think?

This next article I’m throwing in because for one, I loved it so much I tweeted it, and two, if we take his advice to heart, maybe one of us will come up with the next bestseller, or masterpiece, or groundbreaking technology: Click Here to Read.

Do you suppose Elon Musk allows himself uninterrupted creative time? I’m not sure, but I’m willing to bet Nikola Tesla did. 😉

Can’t Believe I’m Asking, but…

Do you have any poetry suggestions for me?

Reason being, I came across this cool article about fostering your creativity. It included this graphic, based on Ray Bradbury’s diet for feeding his subconscious:


What’s good enough for Ray Bradbury is more than good enough for me, but my bookshelf is suffering a severe famine in the poetry department. (I live in great fear of the bad stuff.)

Who are your favorite poets?

Do You Believe in Magic?

Some of you might remember, about a month ago I mentioned the book “Big Magic” by Big MagicElizabeth Gilbert, saying I should probably read it.

I’m here to tell you I did.

Full disclosure: I wasn’t part of love fest surrounding “Eat, Pray, Love,” Gilbert’s memoir and wildly successful bestseller. To be perfectly honest, I read two chapters and gave up on it, because I simply wasn’t enjoying it.

The only reason I decided to give this book a shot was that it was recommended to me by someone I trust. I’m extremely glad I did.

I can’t even begin to tell you what my favorite part was. Instead, I’m going to throw a few quotes at you.

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