Beer — The Elixir of Life?

beer-4-1326034-639x424Before we go right to discussing the merits of beer, first let me tell you a little something about my heritage.

On my one side are Germans, and as I’m sure you’re well aware, Germans like beer. No surprise there, right? On my other side are Norwegians and they like beer too. Actually, Norwegians like a lot of beverages, many of them alcoholic in nature. The point is, beer is right up there.

By all logic, I should like beer. It’s in my blood.

But I don’t, and here’s why: when you are seven years old and you see a glass of what looks like apple juice and you really like apple juice so you drink the apple juice only it’s not apple juice so you spit it out and then get in trouble for spitting … well, it can cause some bitter feelings toward beverages impersonating apple juice.

This happened more than once, by the way, I was a slow learner.

Anyway, I realize I’m now a grown up and should be over this, but some childhood traumas take longer to heal from than others. And fake apple juice is huge. HUGE, I say!

So much so that if I were to hear a health report saying the secret to a long healthy life was a daily intake of beer, I would not be able to comply. I would think about it, though. Case in point:

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BuzzFeed is Trying to Blow My Cover!

I’m not going to worry about it though. Instead, I’m going to lull you all into a false sense of security by sharing my recipe for strawberry shortcake.

Because truly, no one can resist the power of a generous helping of strawberry shortcake.

But first, I have to stop taking those dang personality quizzes that keep popping up on my Facebook page. You know thefun quiz ones I’m talking about?

What is Your Spirit Animal?”

Which Classic Rock Band Are You?”

Which Character From Wizard of Oz Are You?”

Which Star Wars Character are you?”

You know, fun, harmless quizzes like that. Only I’m not so sure they’re harmless anymore.

I’m telling you, they’re on to me.

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Animal Crackers

Husband’s birthday was this past week. I won’t say how old he is, other than to say he’s not old. Because that’s what he says and it sounds good to me.

He’s not the easiest man to buy for, but then are any men easy to buy for? The problem with Husband is that when he wants something, he buys it.

Let me clarify that: When he wants something, he analyzes all his options, pours over ads, visits several websites, compares countless consumer ratings, visits store after store, until finally he makes his selection and goes in for the kill.

So for me to buy something he’s wanting would be kind of cruel, don’t you think? I mean, the hunt is probably 90% of the fun.

I wasn’t sure what to do. I cruised the aisles of Target, looking for items he liked, and finally starting WP_20150811_18_48_02_Pro[1]filling my tote basket with all the treats, goodies and snacks he enjoys, but never gets because when you get a certain age … not old, mind you … but a certain age, you try to eat more healthfully. And there was nary a healthy thing in this basket.

The clerk who checked me out was entranced by my bounty. Every item, as he scanned it, got a comment. “Oh that’s good … I like that … Oh, yeah, this one’s great …”

He was a big man, recent transplant from Chicago (I heard him say it to the customer ahead of me).

Remember my post from last Saturday and the man with the red wagon? Well, this guy was taller and bigger than that guy. And getting real enthused about my purchase.

Then he saw it — his eyes grew wide, he held the box up, “I remember these!” he exclaimed. “Oh man, I didn’t know they still made these! Oh WOW!”


Yes, they still make Animal Crackers. And they still put them in a little box with a handle.

I just made that guy’s day. I told him what aisle he could find them. His plan was to pick up several, relax in his “man cave” and eat them during the game.

I sincerely hope he enjoyed them. I’m sure he enjoyed the game. (The Cubs won yesterday against the White Sox. This guy definitely struck me as a Cubbie.) Oh, and Husband enjoyed the animal crackers too. The gift was a complete hit. 🙂

Ah, those delightful snacks from our childhood — always sure to bring a smile. What was your favorite?

Do French Women Catch Colds?

Seriously. I’d like to know. Because if they do, they must sneeze with great style and cough bad coldmost elegantly, and given the fact that I’ve been fighting a cold with varying degrees of success this past week, I’d really like to know how they handle such a blow to their otherwise beautiful manner of living.

But then again, they probably don’t catch colds. Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised.

Perhaps I should back up a little.

About a month ago, I began the task of trying to organize my closet yet again. My closet is not a big one, mind you, so how it keeps falling into an utter state of chaos is beyond me.

Anyway, while researching the topic (which is what I do when faced with any task, large or small), I2014_latest_design_european_style_wardrobe.jpg_220x220 discovered that while my closet is small by American standards, by European standards it is quite large. And since they have such small closets, Europeans, in particular the French, have very few clothes. They focus more on quality, rather than quantity.

My research led me to a few blogs, notably The Simply Luxurious Life and The Daily Connoisseur, where I read nearly all their posts. (Really great blogs, by the way. Check them out sometime.)

Then I explored a few books, listened to several podcasts, perused through several websites, and what I discovered is this: French women are from another planet.

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Ode to My Cell Phone … With Apologies to Keats

cellphoneI spied you in the phone store,

 Cradled in your cubby, attached by a cord,

Your screen was dark, waiting for more

Than a passing glance or a mumbled word.

For a part time clerk, seeking a sale,

Shows the popular model, the better known brand,

I checked your features, my skin grew pale,

I held you aloft, I took you in hand,

Cool to my touch, you were eager to please,

Never have I selected a phone with such ease.

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sunshine-2Here it is, just the second installment of “Saturday Smile” and I’ve discovered a great Truth. (Notice how I capitalized Truth? That means it’s important.)

Truth: Recalling a pleasant experience that made you happy causes you to relive the happy experience, thereby making you happy all over again.

Isn’t that interesting? I thought you would like that. I didn’t come up with it on my own, mind you. I read it some place. Can’t remember where, but there you go.

All this is to say, I highly recommend you make an effort every day to recall anything that made you happy, be it a comment from a stranger, a pretty bird you saw by your window, or the chocolate chip muffin you ate because you darn well wanted a chocolate chip muffin and dang it was good.

I have no shortage of happy experiences to recall for today’s post, because this last week we were at the happiest place on earth, DISNEYLAND!

There isn’t room to tell you everything that made me smile, so I’m just going to share three small things:

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I Sold My Soul to Fitbit

FitbitFor those of you who have not yet joined the craze — oh, you sweet, innocent things — Fitbit is a type of fitness tracker. Kind of like a super cool, high tech pedometer, only better. Husband gave me one for my birthday, because he knows I like toys.

Remember that Twilight Zone episode, Talky Tina? Where the doll talked to the man and tormented him and threatened him and in the end killed him?

I don’t know what made me think of that. Anyway, back to my Fitbit.

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DIY: Creating a Restful Sleeping Chamber … AKA, Damnit, I Broke Another Nail!

I’m sure there are certain things you’ve come to expect from Feeding on Folly — simple recipes, tips for living, an occasional jaunt down memory lane … and now we go and offer a DIY project too? Whoa!

Well, don’t get used to it. It’s true, Husband and I have tackled many a DIY project in our married life, which should prove to all the strength of our union, but the project I am about to share with you may well be our last. At least, we hope it will be our last.Embed from Getty Images

Don’t get me wrong, the project turned out well, we’re pleased with the result, and our marriage is still intact. That part is fine. But somehow when you reach that mid-century mark, covering yourself in sawdust and plaster just doesn’t hold the same appeal. Fortunately, our bedroom was the last room we had to tackle, and now it is done.

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A Tale of Two Kitchens

It was the hottest of times, it was the hungriest of times …writing at computer

I stumbled upon a blog a few days ago, a charming blog from a charming man named Bruno, who lives in Belgium. You can find it here. If you visit it, one of your first thoughts will be, “What a charming blog!” Followed closely by, “He must be a charming man.” Speedily met with, “OH WOW, THAT LOOKS GOOD, I WANNA EAT THAT!” dry heat

Meanwhile, in my kitchen, it’s hot. Dang hot. Like, really hot. Did I tell you I live in Phoenix, Arizona? Granted, it only hit 109 that day. Practically balmy for Phoenix. But still. It’s hard to think about cooking dinner when the mercury level is triple digits.

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