More Bad Theology From Facebook – A Political Issue

wp_20170104_14_18_20_proHave I got a doozy for you today!

I should warn you however, if you are of a sensitive nature – if you are easily shocked or still feeling a bit raw after recent events – perhaps you shouldn’t read any further.

Still here? Okay, consider yourself warned.
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Bad Theology from Facebook

wp_20170104_14_18_20_proThis week’s entry in our Bad Theology series comes from one of our dedicated readers.

After the deadly shooting in Florida recently, one of his Facebook friends posted this:

We feel very fortunate to have driven to Palm Aire rather than fly. Our check in date was Jan. 6. We might have flown into Ft. Lauderdale!!! Praise God for His guidance and care for us. Continue reading “Bad Theology from Facebook”

Jesus Loves Himself a Hot Mess

Straight from our ‘I Can’t Make This Stuff Up’ files, I bring you:

This may seem like an odd entry for our Bad Theology collection, but you’ll just have to trust me. This little number annoys the crap out of me. Not only as a Christian, but as a female. Continue reading “Jesus Loves Himself a Hot Mess”

TBT: Truly Bad Theology

wp_20170104_14_18_20_proThere’s something I haven’t been entirely up front about on this blog. I haven’t hidden it, exactly, but I haven’t proclaimed it from the mountaintop either.

What is it, you ask? Well, if you must know, it’s that I belong to a church, buy into the whole faith thing, and got the t-shirt. (Really. Our church has t-shirts.)

Now, don’t worry, I’m not turning this blog into a religious venue. But I thought I should mention where my allegiance lies before I go much further. Continue reading “TBT: Truly Bad Theology”

Are You There God? It’s Me, the Writer

Angel: Excuse me, Sir/Madam? There’s someone here for you.

God: Who Is It? It’s Not Trump Is It? MyName, I Can Not Stand That Guy.

Angel: Excuse me, Sir/Madam? There’s someone here for you.

God: Who Is It? It Is Not Trump Is It? MyName, I Can Not Stand That Guy.

Angel: No. Believe it or not, it’s her.

God: Really? She Must Want Something. Okay, Let Her In.


Angel: The Holy Omnipresent Universal Life Force and Infinite Spirit will see you now.

Me: (reading back issue of Cosmo) Oh, okay. One second, I want to mark this article…

Angel: Seriously?

Me: Okay, I’m ready now.

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A Lesson from Chocolat

The movie, not the confection, although I’m sure there’s lots we can learn chocolatfrom the confection.

Especially 85% cacao. That stuff is intense.

What I’m talking about is the movie with Juliette Binoche. I watched it again recently, mainly because I didn’t remember it from the first time. (Also, it’s currently streaming on Netflix.)

If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it – and no, it’s not a chick flick, as the picture might have you believe.

I heard some people thought it was anti-religion, but they must not have watched it all the way to the end.

The movie has an overarching theme of tolerance, respect for others, and forgiveness. It’s the forgiveness angle I want to focus on. Continue reading “A Lesson from Chocolat”

Pastor-ly Thoughts

sunshine-2I think I’ve mentioned before that Husband is a minister, right?

If not, it wouldn’t surprise me. It’s not information I volunteer very often, as it tends to put a damper on conversations. Plus, people start apologizing for their language, even when all they said was “heck.” It’s hellishly annoying.

Anyway, I bring it up now because it explains why I know about the situation I’ll be sharing with you today.

It’s often difficult for small, rural churches to find a pastor, as I’m sure you can imagine. Because of their limited resources the pay isn’t much, and the work itself usually doesn’t offer much of a challenge. Recently, Husband heard of a church in rural Montana that, along with their presbytery, came up with a clever solution to their problem.

Elbow-River-and-Falls-Kananaskis-Country-Alberta-CanadaThe church is described as “very small” and “very rural.” It has 12 members and is located nearly 20 miles from the nearest paved road. Obviously, not a real hot-spot for a pastor requiring a living wage.

Here’s the plan they came up with: They put the request out to retired pastors to come for only a year or two. Their workweek would only be one or two days, figuring that in the off-time the pastor could explore Montana, write a book, and think deep, pastor-ly thoughts.

Since the pay isn’t much, they came up with a compensation plan that included fly-fishing and archery lessons, a book of the month about Montana or by a Montana author, a small weekly stipend, a monthly goodie basket, and free use of the church manse (aka parsonage). So far their plan is working out quite well.

SweatTreatsBasketAnd there’s just something about the inclusion of a monthly goodie basket that makes me smile.

I told Husband that when he retires, we need to look into that place. I want to see what they put in their monthly goodie baskets. 🙂