Week 3 Reflection – Kind Energy

RevofKindnessHello all! This is me, reporting in after Week 3 in the Kindness Challenge, which I stumbled upon at Niki’s site, which you can find here.

This week, I was to focus my energy on being kind. It’s more than just being kind, it’s radiating kindness.

Does this puzzle you as much as it did me?

It’s a bit of an abstract concept, so maybe we can find a more concrete way to think about it.

Let’s say you’re wandering down an unfamiliar street and can’t find your way to the nearest payday loan shop, where you were hoping to score some funds for your next tattoo. (Honestly, you need to put more thought into your financial decisions. I worry about you.) Continue reading “Week 3 Reflection – Kind Energy”

Happiness for All!

Okay, so here’s a weird thing. It seems like I’ve been inundated recently with articles, happybooks, emails, podcasts, quotes on my boxes of tea, etc., all on the subject of happiness.

As in, how we’re not as happy as we could be, and what things we should do so that we can be.

If I were into New-Agey stuff, I’d say, “Oh wow! The universe is sending me a message!”

But I’m not, so I just say, “Huh. That’s weird.”

Anyway, since I’m all about sharing (actually I’m not, but I’m told people who share are happy), here are some of the things I’ve learned: Continue reading “Happiness for All!”

Faced With Such Temptation, What Would You Do?

I have a dilemma. Maybe you can help me.

About two years ago, I started getting another woman’s emails. Not all of them, of course. Just a few, and only from time to time.

emailYou see, she has my same name, identical spelling, and she clearly was intent on having her full name as her email address, regardless if someone else had it already. She just decided adding her middle initial would take care of it.

Only she’s not that good at remembering she added her middle initial. Either that, or an “l” in between an “i” and “h” is not that easy to detect. Continue reading “Faced With Such Temptation, What Would You Do?”

Parking Lots, Lost Cars, and You

We all need certain people in our lives, right? Good friends, people we can be ourselves with, people we can have deep conversations with — people like that there.

I need an additional person: someone who will wander aimlessly in a parking lot with me looking for a lost car and not wig out. Fortunately, I have Daughter.

It is a sad fact that losing a car in a parking lot is not difficult for me. Typically my mind is on far more important matters than something as trivial as where I parked my car. Such as something I heard on the radio two weeks ago, an idea I have for an award winning play, or the classmate of mine from the sixth grade who had the most unusual body odor and seriously, what would cause a person to smell like the elephant pen at the zoo?

Geez, he was weird. What are the chances he had a pet elephant?

Where was I? Oh, yeah, the lost car. So anyway, done with our shopping, Daughter and I walk out from the shopping centerdesert ridge — I better give you a picture because this is not an ordinary shopping mall. This is Desert Ridge Marketplace in Phoenix, which has a big, sprawling, open plan. Shops and restaurants are everywhere and the parking lot was designed by an insane person. (I think this has been proven. I’m sure it has.)

We stare out over the sea of vehicles, I turn to her and ask, “Do you remember where we parked?” She turns to me, smiles, and says, “No idea. You?” Continue reading “Parking Lots, Lost Cars, and You”

Tattoo Pride


So I’m walking into Target behind a couple of women and I see that one of them has two tattoos, one on each thigh. Being the kind of person who loves to see what people have permanently etched onto their skin, I picked up my pace to see exactly what they were.

Just so you know, I didn’t get a picture because that would have been kind of weird, you know?

The woman was wearing shorts (remember, this is Phoenix, so shorts in November is no biggie) and her thighs were… shall we say… generously proportioned? Continue reading “Tattoo Pride”