Pillsbury Pie Crust – A Conflicted Review

I never thought it would come to this. I actually went to the store and bought ready-made pie crust.

WP_20160213_21_00_38_Pro[1]The things a blog drives you to do.

I’ve been making my own pie crust ever since I was a teenager, when for some odd reason I decided I wanted to learn how to make pies.

Each weekend, I would take one of Mother’s cookbooks and set to it. At first I made cream pies, as they were easiest. Eventually I graduated to fruit pies. The tricky part was always the crust, but that never bothered me because I was learning, you see? I knew that in time it would come to me, and eventually it did.

Since that time, I have never used a ready-made pie crust. Until I bought one for you, dear reader, to help you feel easier about making Barbara’s Triple Berry Pie, when I wrote this post.

You’re welcome.

And what did I think of the crust? I, who only makes it from scratch?

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